Does a new home need a home inspection ?

Its great to have a new or recently built home , but does it still make sense to have a home inspection ? This is a question I get asked about frequently. That answer is “yes.” A home buyer should never assume that just because a home is newly built or within a few years old that everything is OK. Details such as build quality and maintenance (or lack of) can turn a small problem into a larger one, if left unchecked. For example : A recent home inspection on a Long Island home revealed a small leak into an attic space due to unsatisfactory chimney flashing. The leak was detected because of the staining around the chimney and darkened areas of insulation where the water was settling. At minimum the insulation’s R-value (insulation effectiveness) was being minimized and at worst there was a high hat light fixture nearby. We all know that electricity and water do not get along together. The water could have also leaked through the light fixture into the newly painted master bedroom.

The Bottom Line : Do not make assumptions based on age alone. Have a licensed home inspector check your home and minimize future headaches.


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