Efficient Pre-Construction & Pre-Design Analysis

If you’re looking to start a home renovation, it is rarely an easy endeavor. Most owners have a good idea about what they want cosmetically from a home, but when it comes to the internal and external systems of the home it can be a great unknown. The Efficient Home is here to fill in those unknowns with solutions for a better home.


Whether you are looking to add an addition or remodel your entire home, The Efficient Home’s pre-planning and pre-design analysis will save you time, energy, and money.


Our licensed & certified staff will provide you with a concise and thorough game plan before contractors, architects, and other licensed professionals are involved. Our analysis will provide a clear vision of what needs to be achieved in order to create an efficient home. Our reports will allow the owner to easily translate their needs to the home improvement professionals.


Our analysis will provide you with efficient options and strategies. This includes what types of materials and systems to implement, thereby minimizing energy use, creating a higher comfort level and lowering the carbon footprint of your home.


We will provide you with a highly detailed report, complete with written analysis, illustrations and documentation, put together through a combination of our homeowner interview process, home and property inspections, various testing, and research of applicable systems and materials.

Efficient Pre-Construction & Pre-Design Analysis Includes:

  • Our full Efficient Home Inspection and Comfort Testing Plus
  • Documentation of strategies for reducing home energy consumption between 15-45% (includes strategies for lighting, appliances, cooling, heating, ventilation, building materials, insulation).
  • Concise, detailed illustrations and written analysis of our cost cutting green energy recommendations.
  • Sources and paperwork for the available local City, State, or federal rebate programs.

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