If I plan on buying a home to renovate do I still need a home inspection ?

Many people look to save money by purchasing a home that needs many repairs – in laymen terms ” a fixer upper.” Potential buyers might assume that since they are planning on a major renovation that a home inspection is pointless because they already plan on upgrading the home from its previous condition. This assumption could cost the new owner to spend more then they planned. Beside select cases where a house is being rebuilt from the ground up, it is always a smart idea to have a home inspection in order to learn as much as possible about the condition of the home. A perfect example of this would be as follows : A new owner buys a fixer-upper and puts aside $50,000 to upgrade a kitchen and bathroom that is in dire need of repair. As the new owner waits for the permits to get approved they discover over the winter that there heating system can not keep the home warm and comfortable enough. A heating contractor is brought in to check things out and the new owner finds out that they will need to replace the boiler , repipe multiple heating zones due to unprofessional installation, and add insulation to the basement and attic. The previsosuly unknown repairs are now adding $20,000 to the renovation budget. A thorough inspection would have alerted the new owners of this potential problem(s) and would have given a better picture of  how to best approach repairing the home over time instead of being an immediate additional financial hardship.

Bottom Line : A home inspection can help prioritize repairs that are needed  and reduce surprise expenses to the owner.


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